Our 1st Vlog – A Newbie’s Selfie-Review


Several months have now past, seven in fact since our first RAW Files vlog was published on YouTube September 2nd, 2016. My brother and I decided it would be constructive if we went back to review and assess episodes while documenting this journey.

Our plan is to make this blog a ‘journal’ slash ‘report’ of sorts, it’ll be a BTS experience on what we’ve learned, the good and the bad parts of vlogging as well as our goals. We’ll open up as much as we can to reveal the intricacies of what it takes to create a vlog from our perspective.

We’ll include significant points and moments from vlog episodes that are relevant to readers interest of this platform. This blog should target people or brands who are considering their own vlog, want to find out more about who we are, how we operate or are interested in a collaboration?

Vlogging is on its way to be the cornerstone of online media entertainment it’s already a proven game changer in what and how viewers choose to ingest different forms of entertainment. Whether or not it’s here to stay is debatable.

Will vlogging continue to be popular 10 – 15 years from now, what about 3 – 5 years will it remain relevant or just have been a trend? Can or will it evolve into the new media here to stay that sets the standard, not to decline into a distant memory where people head slap and say, ‘what were they thinking?

The online world can agree there is a large growing audience that find the subtleties of ordinary people and the life they share online entertaining but what makes a viewer like or dislike a vlog? This is the million subscriber question for vloggers. How do we as vloggers grow our viewership, our subscribers, our likes, shares and engagement without compromising the authenticity of entertaining?

But how can a vlogger survive if he/she can’t monetize elements of their brand or business? Vloggers can’t; if a vlogger intentionally alludes their audience in the guise of deceitful profiteering or overtly pushy business agendas they will be called out on it and deemed a con artist. The online audience can’t be as easily fooled they’re keen to such practices and quick to distinguish the difference between a vlog and what’s just another form of online infomercial promotions.

The online audience understands that vloggers need to monetize themselves in different ways to attract alternate revenue streams. This keeps them afloat while leading to their goal of becoming successful independent content creators. How it’s done is the key along with many other factors that will become apparent in episodes where the vlogger is being open with their motives.

Supportive audience examples can be found in these top ten vloggers on YouTube.

Our first vlog was only 3:40 mins in length and you would have never had guessed it but it was about filming our first vlogging experience. We included our latest gear addition and you see us using a new camera that is part of the process. We jump right into it strolling around our neighborhood and hangin out at our favorite coffee shop. RAW Files Vlog 01 shows us as a couple of joking, colourful characters who are themselves. I think it was a good first impression we let the camera roll keeping much of the candid moments.

At times it felt awkward filming while talking to the camera out in the open as we did but that’s how vlogging is done even if it feels like an extremely self-absorbed. This is what it takes and if you want to vlog you have to put yourself out there, time will tell if you have what it takes and if you’ll find an audience. As of this writing our 1st vlog has 84 views, 20 of which are friends and family and another 5 are from Jamie and I so who are the remaining 50 plus who watched 01?

Were they cats interested in human behavior or were they people genuinely interested in discovering new content? This was the right way to introduce ourselves while launching The RAW Files Vlog there’s more to come and you’ll get to know more about us as episodes are published. We loved to hear your feedback, comments, suggestions and even the things you disliked, let us know how you stumbled upon us we want to know who those 50 unknowns are.

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My brother and I are the Co-Owners, Photographers and Creative Directors of Double Vision Photography. This website you’re visiting is the home of ‘DOUBLE VISION The RAW FILES’: A website and online series that chronicles the visual works and Vlogs my brother and I create.

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