2 Vlog or Not 2 Vlog


2 Vlog or not 2 Vlog is not necessarily the question that applies to this post rather it’s our non-Shakespearean way to let you know we published our 2nd Vlog (the sound of crickets). Well that didn’t take long, welcome to the negative thought process. That’s thing with most new endeavors negativity will always find a way to poke its ugly head.

This post is not going to be just about self-doubt and negativity were going to try and get into our mind-state when Vlogging. I noticed in Vlog 02 there were times we displayed doubtful characteristics, it wasn’t prominent but it did reveal itself to disguise our insecurities about being on camera while out in public.

The obvious challenge to overcome if you’re considering a run as a vlogger will be speaking to the camera and it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it out in public or in the privacy of your home. Being on camera is not normal especially for people of our age from Generation X, we’re older than millennials and there’s reason why we just feel uncomfortable filming ourselves.

Just because we’re generation ‘X’ doesn’t mean we don’t pursue the same tech savvy interests or ambitions as millennials. Most old school ‘Gen Xers’ believe any form of attention seeking was a sign of desperation and shameless self promotion.

Don’t believe me? Our early postings of: facebook status updates, FB page posts, IG pics and tweets made us feel nauseous when we were starting out. This is obviously a strategy for people who have no interest or use for social media and in most cases depending on your vlogging style or content you must delete it from your mental hard drive.

It’s as simple as that if you can’t get out of your shell or old ways of thinking, vlogging is not going to workout for you. Just search online for some of the most unexpected people who put themselves out there and I’m not even talking about a vlogging platform. Want a great example? Look at MMA fighter Nick Diaz he has himself admitted to being uncomfortable and nauseous as a public persona. Nick self-medicates his condition by smoking prescribed marijuana but one look at his Instagram Story posts and you’ll never think it.

His condition was so bad at one time it lead to him missing fight promotions and even the actual fights he was contracted too. And this was not because he was scared far from it, if anyone who is familiar and follows Nick Diaz he will fight anywhere, any place at anytime. Albeit he does smoke a lot of weed which is now part of schtick even it doesn’t always seem it’s for medical reasons.

Of course no one is saying you need medical marijuana or a vice to take the edge off to vlog that’s not the right play. I only want to point out in RAWFiles 02 because those moments of doubt occurred when falling off our train of thought. I could see it happening we didn’t hold focus and lacked a consistent flow of confidence. It was perfectly normal behaviour as an unscripted piece and these reviews and self analysis will only improve one’s Vlogging skills.

There were also signs of promise in this episode when we got through those frustrating moments. Humor is good way to counteract the crutch and we have a natural way of implementing it. This Vlog took place at our 2nd most frequented coffee shop in Kitsilano and again we’re testing out our new DJI Osmo camera. It seems we got a knack at keeping the camera rolling which allows the viewer to see authentic moments of our personalities and our relationship as brothers.

We don’t need to mess with the way we’re presenting ourselves to our viewers right now. If anything we’re applying minor tweaks like: better posture, less shivering or shaking of the legs in cold, minimize cursing or cut it mid word, less stutter while trying to speak clearly and concisely. Most of these minor tweaks will only improve as more content is publishEd.

So Vlog 02 is in the can and If you want some more insight to see what it takes to Vlog here’s a great checklist with tips to go over – Vlog Nation.

With the RAW Files Vlog there’s more to come and you’ll get to know more about us as episodes are published. We loved to hear your feedback, comments, suggestions and even the things you disliked, let us know how you stumbled upon us we love to know who you are.

Its comments like this that make us feel really inspired to vlog.

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My brother and I are the Co-Owners, Photographers and Creative Directors of Double Vision Photography. This website you’re visiting is the home of ‘DOUBLE VISION The RAW FILES’: A website and online series that chronicles the visual works and Vlogs my brother and I create.

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